Trump’s Chart: Go big or go home!

Here is a man who leaves no one indifferent – whether you love him or hate him, whether you think he’s arrogant, racist and delusional, or smart and authentic – The Donald is the kind of guy who incites passions and controversy.

When Trump first announced he was running for president, he was dismissed as a joke. A wheeler-dealer with lots of reality TV experience but none whatsoever of elective office wants to be commander-in-chief? Surely, no one could want this erratic tycoon’s fingers anywhere near the nuclear button. But for months now he has led the polls for the Republican nomination despite saying things that would have torpedoed any normal campaign.

For those who have been living in a cave somewhere for the past three decades and have no idea who Trump is, here is a short synopsis. He is a real estate mogul from a very wealthy family whose worth is estimated at around 2.9 billion dollars. He made his fortunes in the ’70s and ’80s in the Manhattan property market, almost went bankrupt in the ’90s but bounced back in the late ’90s. His fame came in 2003 with his reality show The Apprentice and its famous tag-line “You’re fired!”. He is currently seeking the Republican party’s nomination for president in 2016.

Trump was born on June 14, 1956 at 10:46 am in Jamaica, New York

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Trump doesn’t have as many yogas (planetary combinations that support success) in his chart as one would expect, given his wealth of achievements. His most notable yoga perhaps is the feared Kala Sarpa Yoga (all planets on one side or another of the Rahu Ketu axis). Kala Sarpa Yoga can give great rise or fall in life – depending on the overall disposition of the chart.

Trump’s ascendant is the royal Leo, the sign of royalty, leaders and executives – people with authority and clout who like to move in the exalted circles of power. Furthermore, in his chart, the Sun (ruler of Leo) sits in Taurus (pragmatism, materialism) in the 10th house of executives, people in charge, management. Here it achieves an extra level of strength (directional strength or dig bala), giving his already regal sense of self an extra boost.

Conjoined this regal Sun is Rahu the troublemaker. Since his full Moon is conjoined Ketu, this suggests he was born close to a lunar eclipse – and indeed, a full lunar eclipse took place that day just two hours after Trump was born. Eclipses are times of instability and confusion, as the earth is plunged into darkness, and birth around such a time imparts some of these qualities to the life of the native. As such, eclipses are powerful omens that should never be ignored – just another reason why The Donald should be regarded as potentially more dangerous than initially thought.

Rahu amplifies whatever it touches in the chart, while perverting that energy in disturbing ways. In Trump’s case, since it conjoins the Sun (ego, sense of self), it gives an overinflated sense of self and a genius at self-promotion (naming several things after himself is but one example). Rahu also gives delusional tendencies. As a result, Trump self-promotion style is, by his own admission, completely unmoored from reality : “I play to people’s fantasies. I call it truthful hyperbole” he says. As a materialistic planet giving rise to strong desire and a sense of urgency Rahu imparts huge ambition and a very driven nature – essential qualities for a tycoon.

While Trump’s ego (the Sun and the 1st house) is on steroids, his mind (the Moon and the 4th house) is in a need of a crutch or two. Moon’s condition is very mixed: it is debilitated in Scorpio (and thus very weak)*, has directional strength (dig bala) and it is a full Moon (which makes it very strong). The mixed condition of the Moon accounts for some of the mental instability and divorce from reality displayed by Trump on various occasions.

As if this mental sauce weren’t spicy enough, Mars and Ketu decide to join the fray. Exalted Ketu (delusions, erratic tendencies) conjoins the Moon (the mind), while Mars (anger, brashness, impulsiveness, recklessness, intensity) aspects it with its fourth house aspect. Since the Moon occupies the 4th house of emotions, this affliction by Mars and Ketu also apply to the house, intensifying their effect on his mind. Both Mars and Ketu are hot planets and they heat Trump’s temperament to boiling point. That the Moon is in Scorpio (a martian sign of extreme emotional intensity with a fondness for drama and conflict) does not help one bit – Mars’s influence on Trump’s Moon becomes even greater. Last but not least, Mars occupies the first house of personality.

It is now clear who actually calls the shots in this chart – it is none other than fiery, angry, adversarial Mars, always in search of another battle.

But who would follow an angry, brash man? Trump’s lead in the contest for the Republican nomination is due in a large part to the rage felt by his supporters at the incompetence of the political class – so Trump is skillfully riding on a wave of rage, relentlessly reminding his supporters that he is not a politician (he promotes himself as an anti-politician instead).

One’s fan base is represented by the 4th house in the chart. In Trump’s chart the 4th house has the Moon in hot Scorpio, conjoined the hot Ketu and aspected by the angry Mars. By a stroke of luck (bad luck for America), in his chart, his personality matches the quality of his electorate – a situation that explains the mind-boggling following of 10 million he has acquired so far. His fan base is supposed to be angry and disgruntled as per his chart – and who could reel in those fans more easily but a man whose very nature is to rage against it all.

Mars usually works towards separation from others. It has an “us against them” worldview.

A true martian type, Trump is a tireless promoter of separation – from everything foreign. He accuses Mexico of sending its worst criminals to America and wants to build a wall on the mexican border and deport 11 million people that do not have legal status. China stands accused of manipulating its currency to America’s detriment and Trump threatens retaliatory tariffs on Chinese goods of 12%. In fact – “every single country that does business with us” is ripping America off, he says.

The Moon in Scorpio makes him a master manipulator. He certainly knows how to manipulate the public opinion. For example, he often says things that no politician would, so people think he is not a politician. Cynical and angry voters who feel betrayed by the political elite are in love with him.

Scorpio is also a sign of obsession – in his case self-obsession. The exalted Ketu (obsession) on the Moon just takes it to the next level. Trump is so in love with himself and his achievements that he never forgoes an opportunity to blow his own trumpet. He often talks about his book “The Art of the Deal” as “the number-one-selling book of all time” (a lie). On political talk-shows, he never fails to steer discussions towards how much money he’s worth (the 2.9 billion fortune has somehow become 10 billion) and how he owns “some of the greatest assets in the world”, including the Trump tower, the Trump Turnberry golf resort, etc.

Trump’s Moon is in Jyeshta Nakshatra. This means that he has a lot of the qualities of this nakshatra (also known as “stars”, there are 27 nakshatras in Vedic Astrology, each ruled by a certain deity). And this is where it gets really interesting, because Trump seems to effectively embody the deity of Jyeshta – Indra (or at least his less endearing side). Here is Indra’s profile.

Indra is the king of the gods. He is the most celebrated god of the Vedas and has more hymns dedicated to him than any other deity. He perpetually battles the asuras (demons), serpents and rakshasas (evil beings). He is the stud among the gods. He marches onto the battlefield not only with a body of steel and an audacious mindset, but also mental fortitude, resourcefulness and street savvy. Indra’s ingenuity cannot be overemphasized.

Indra’s unique faculty is indriya virya, the physical and mental vigor with which he tackles the challenges of life.

On the other hand, his battlefield successes often go to his head. At one of his victory celebrations, he demands that all the titles, distinctions and trophies available for distribution among the gods be awarded to himself alone. He wants it all. Horrified by his outrageous demands and his supreme arrogance, the gods plead with him to leave something for them too.

Indra brashly replies: “No, why should anything belong to you?”.

You get the picture. Does it look familiar?

Indra is also famous for his sexual vigor and promiscuity. He takes as many risks in the bedroom as he does on the battlefield, typically seducing the young and the innocent, the married but weak, or rich and famous. Trump has famously married and divorced some extremely beautiful women and once had an extra-marital affair that became a source of scandal and tabloid fodder.

Jyeshta is without a doubt the most over-the-top nakshatra ever, the most dramatic and conquest-oriented one. “I want therefore I deserve” mentality dominates every aspect of the native’s life.

Despite an “all-looks-no-brain” physicality the one born under this star has a penetrating mind, a “can do” attitude and a willingness to crusade on behalf of the underdog. These are the positive qualities of this Nakshatra that arise especially when Jyeshta nakshatra is not afflicted by malefic planets.

In Trump’s case, malefic Ketu also sits in Jyeshta, distorting its positive qualities and promoting the negative. In cases of severe affliction such as this one, Jyotish holds that the Jyeshta individual would become a power-hungry, needy and demanding ruler.

Thank God we won’t have to put Jyotish to the test on this one. While Trump is still leading the polls for the Republican nomination, his star has stopped rising. Eager to cut his losses (since he is paying for his own campaign), he has already hinted at an exit strategy. The Trump fantasy is finally fading. Unfortunately, it has already revealed a democracy in real trouble.

* Moon’s debilitation is canceled by Mars – but cancelation of debilitation is never complete, a weakness always remains.

5 comments on “Trump’s Chart: Go big or go home!

  1. Fascinating and a tad scary – happy to know his star has stopped rising. You did such a great job describing him and his antics.
    I have been so baffled by the people who like him. I spoke with one man standing in line at Home Depot and he was going on about how great Trump was. All of the banter was about stat’s & numbers, and fear mongering. I was at a loss as I had no facts & figures to throw at him. I don’t have a clue how much every Syrian refugee would cost the US. The truly strange thing was he was having 3 Syrians to his home for that very night – they were going to have dinner together and then go to church the next morning. I commended him and then added “I have listened to you passionately talk with your head and toss out lots of numbers and Trump quotes. What I haven’t heard you do is speak from your heart! What I hope for you is the experience you are going to have in the next few hours opens your heart. Have a wonderful time.”
    He really gave me a picture of the people who follow Trump. I hope they can all have their hearts cracked open to see the inhumanity of the Trump train.

    • Thank you for sharing this story Elizabeth, very interesting…I was also very baffled by Trump’s success and appeal until I saw how well he played the “I’m not a politician” card. Given how much people dislike politicians, he was bound to attract a significant following, despite the fact that his policy agenda is too skeletal or absurd to analyze.

  2. I would like to add to your analysis of Donald Trump, one area that you did not cover, his dasa sequence.

    He started Sun dasa in 1975, the year that he bought his first run down hotel in Manhattan and started to build his empire. Sun is the Lagna lord and is both strong (dig bala), unstable (sandhi), with debilitated Rahu) and is the yogi. Then for Moon dasa, Moon is doubly strong (full and dig bala), doubly weak (debilitated and eclipsed) and unstable (with exalted Ketu) and in jyestha naksatra (the power of Indra expressing itself). There is Kala Sarpa yoga with the Sun and Moon in the Ra/Ke axis making it Kala Sarpa dosa. In those dasas, (Su and Mo) he built his real estate empire and made billions. In 1991, he entered Mars dasa. Mars is in sambandha with Moon and Ketu so it is pulled into the Kala Sarpa dynamic and here he lost almost everything but regained it all near the end of Mars (in Sun and Moon bhuktis). Then Rahu dasa came in 1998 and he was riding the serpent of power again, became a television celebrity and started getting involved in politics. Now he is near the end of Rahu, he has became the voice of angry, hateful politics and has lost a lot of business because of it. The serpent that gave him fame and fortune has turned on him and bitten him with the venom of hate and divisiveness, or at least the tendency to pander to the hate and divisiveness already out there. What Rahu giveth, Rahu taketh away, (in his case both in extreme ways). Kala Sarpa dosa is taking its due (the nodes are both exaggerated with Moon there being doubly exaggerated). But a week after the presidential election, he goes into Jupiter dasa and Jupiter is the first dasa lord in the last 40 years not connected to the Kala Sarpa dynamic. He will not change after 40 years of conditioning by dasa but the public will cease to be entranced by him the way they are now as evidenced by the non-stop media coverage he has been getting since June. They will wonder “What did I ever see in him anyway and why did I watch all that 24 hr. news coverage of him?”

    Does all this make sense to you or am I just venting my personal opinions?

    Any other comments?

    • Thank you for this analysis Al, it is spot-on. I usually try to keep the blogs reasonably short which is why I didn’t cover the dasa sequence. I’m very happy that you did it ‘though, as the fact that he’s been under the Kala Sarpa influence for the past 40 years is extremely relevant in his case.

  3. For upcoming solar eclipse on Aug. 21, the Sun will be at 4 deg. Leo which is close to Trump’s Lagna at 6 deg Leo so the eclipse is in his Lagna. Also that eclipsed Sun is his Lagna lord and is in his 10th house of government and authority. Is this an indication that his authority will be eclipsed soon after??

    Also his Mars is within minutes of the eclipse position in his Lagna. Mars represents arrogance and aggressiveness, both of which he exhibits plenty of. Will perhaps the eclipse position being so close to that Mars, indicate that his arrogance and aggressiveness will get him in real trouble and even be his downfall??

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